about Us


The mission of Primus Business Management is to provide professional, cost effective, and personalized Operational Management services. Operational Management is defined as the core work all businesses must conduct in order to be competitive and profitable in the industry in which they operate. This is accomplished by utilizing the newest technologies to provide intelligent bookkeeping, agency centric Human Resources and timely Administrative Support.

Speed and Expertise

One of the significant advantages of partnering with PRIMUS is having work completed by professionals who specialize in your field, providing you with access to specific equipment, technology and human capital that you may not be able to afford or where a long-term investment might not make sense. Effectively, important tasks can be completed faster, less expensively and with high quality outcomes.

Concentrate on core process not supporting ones

Trusting PRIMUS with the management of supporting processes gives you additional capacity to strengthen your core business process, helping you focus on what you do best.


By shifting certain components of your business process to PRIMUS, you also shift key responsibilities to us. Since we are the specialists, with decades of combined expertise, we plan your risk-mitigating factors better.

Reduced Operational and Recruitment costs

In most cases, partnering with PRIMUS eliminates the need to hire expensive professionals in-house; hence, recruitment and operational costs, like benefits and bonuses, can be significantly minimized.


Our tagline is "Together we can reach your goals". This partnership enable us to work on your behalf and take your company to new heights.

The support functions of a company is its foundation. We strive to ensure you have a solid foundation so you grow to your full potential.

This enables us to do whats right for our clients and allows us to recommend and tailor services for your success.

Accountability, impact and promises. Everything we do is measurable at the individual and agency level.