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Accounting - Primus Business Management


This short list of services should give you a sense of what we offer. For a more detailed list of what we do and how we can help you reach your goals, contact us for a free consultation.


Accounting and record keeping is an essential activity for all businesses. Whether your agency is large or small accounting helps you understand your revenue inflows and expense outflows. Through our virtual accounting program, we will process all revenue and expense transactions and bank reconciliations.

Financial Review and Analysis

We offer two types of financial statement review; monthly and quarterly. As your business partner we won't just hand you sheets of paper with numbers and charts, we will meet with you regularly to ensure you understand your financial position.


As an enhancement on the virtual accounting program, we offer a billpay service. Never miss a payment date or deadline. We pay your bills and process reimbursements so you can focus on the business.

Cleanup/Catchup Bookkeeping

The Accounting process is much more valuable and reliable if it is done on a periodic basis. This however is not always feasible and creates a situation where a year of accounting needs to be completed quickly and accurately to prepare for tax filings or funding/loan requirements.

Cost Center/Grants Management

Most funding agencies require reports specific to their grants. We set up the accounting systems to ensure that we are able to track all Cost Centers and Grants. We can also produce separate monthly cost center reports to each program Director or Executive Director.

A-133 Regulation and Audit

Another aspect that is specific to non Profit Organizations is the A-133 regulations and Audit. These rules govern how nonprofits record revenue and expenditures as well as the audit requirements at fiscal year end. We create and manage systems to ensure that all A-133 regulations are followed and that your nonprofit is prepared for your audit.