3 Reasons Why Collaborative Efforts In The Workplace Fail.


When collaboration fails, the company/workplace slowly rots, losing the diverse qualities its members have to offer. Conflicts also increase. Why does collaboration in the workplace fail? Below are 3 factors that contribute to failed collaborative efforts in the workplace.

- Lack of Trust. - What's the value of your word? Has your integrity recently been compromised? How dependable are you? Can your associates and peers count on you?
- Lack of Effective Leadership. - Do you effectively motivate others? Do you make valuable contributions? Do you acknowledge and appreciate others for their contributions? Are you goal oriented? Are you supportive?
- Lack of Effective Communication. - Are you as a good/active a listener as you are a speaker? Are you confident? Are you prepared? Persuasive? Concise? Are your ideas structured and clear?
PRIMUS Business Management Says: Walk a mile in your coworkers shoes! You'll be glad you did. Take a moment to understand your colleagues. Understanding them, engaging them, creating and building with them, all help ensure success in business.

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Indra Nooyi


This week we celebrate one of America’s most powerful women in business. Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi is an American business executive and the current Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo. She has also held business strategy positions with companies like Motorola and Asea Brown Boveri. PepsiCo is now the one of the largest food and beverage businesses in the world by net revenue. She holds a stellar record of improving production costs and decreasing corporate spending on junk foods. She also holds a stellar record of improving overall net revenue. She has also pushed the company into healthier food and drink offerings and alternatives. Many think that healthier acquisitions may come in the near future, as Nooyi works to diversify, transitioning out of the declining soda industry.

Nooyi serves as an Honorary Co-Chair for the World Justice Project. The World Justice Project works to lead a global effort to increase public awareness about the foundational importance of the rule of law. The project works to stimulate government reforms, and develop practical programs at the community level, advocating for opportunity and equity within these communities. Her efforts in community, as well as her work in changing the food and beverage industry make her an inspiration to women in business everywhere.