3 Reasons Why Collaborative Efforts In The Workplace Fail.


When collaboration fails, the company/workplace slowly rots, losing the diverse qualities its members have to offer. Conflicts also increase. Why does collaboration in the workplace fail? Below are 3 factors that contribute to failed collaborative efforts in the workplace.

- Lack of Trust. - What's the value of your word? Has your integrity recently been compromised? How dependable are you? Can your associates and peers count on you?
- Lack of Effective Leadership. - Do you effectively motivate others? Do you make valuable contributions? Do you acknowledge and appreciate others for their contributions? Are you goal oriented? Are you supportive?
- Lack of Effective Communication. - Are you as a good/active a listener as you are a speaker? Are you confident? Are you prepared? Persuasive? Concise? Are your ideas structured and clear?
PRIMUS Business Management Says: Walk a mile in your coworkers shoes! You'll be glad you did. Take a moment to understand your colleagues. Understanding them, engaging them, creating and building with them, all help ensure success in business.