Many small business owners tend to compartmentalize their business by not giving the same level of attention to operations management as they do to their product or service. By doing this, they silo departments or personnel inhibiting them from seeing the inter-connectivity of their jobs. These silos do not create a presence of team work nor does it foster productivity. Small businesses with their limited resources must understand the importance of accounting, human resources, marketing, IT and administration as a unit and its effect on the bottom line. Working together, these functions must be part of any strategic plan for an agency. Used correctly they can help determine strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats to your agency. Used incorrectly it can lead to business failure.

Michael Ames and Gustav Berle, two well know authors, site the number one reason businesses fail as the lack of experience.

Breaking down silos is not easy but it is beneficial to the growth of your organization. Where will you start?

Janneh Wright MBA