Administrative Support

We know how busy you are. Our Virtual Administrators enable you to do more by taking basic tasks off your plate. Let Primus help you clear off your to do list.

Branding & Marketing

Primus can create your brand or optimize what you have. From strategy development, reputation and portfolio management to logo, web and retail design. We aim to ensure your company is top of mind for your customers.

Accounting & Tax Preparation

Primus manages all accounting including the management of 501c3 contracts. We provide monthly financial reports and work with auditors and/or tax preparers to produce end of year tax information.

Human Resources

Primus manages everything from payroll to benefits and insurance. We ensure your business runs in compliance with labor department regulations from hiring to terminations and everything in between.

Paperless Connectivity

We help you stay up to date in the digital age and help the environment too by getting your company to run effectively and paperless. Let Primus help you create an effective and safe cloud based organization.

Unique & Special Projects

We can help you with whatever your business needs are. Our extended team has the ability to handle any task you throw our way. Let Primus help you reach your goals.

PRIMUS Business Management provides its clients with an array of services specifically tailored to their needs. By utilizing PRIMUS as a strategic partner to support core business functions, manage projects and run the back office of your agency, you are able to focus on leveraging your unique skillsets to better enrich your organization.