PRIMUS CO-OP (Chief Operating Officer Program)

Whether you run a small business or a not-for-profit organization, ensuring your company's back office is running properly can be a difficult task. Finding the time to learn it all and do it all can also be overwhelming. But there is a way to run your company AND have balance. You need a COO.

PRIMUS CO-OP was developed with small businesses and non-profits in mind. We offer complete back office service management. This means the PRIMUS team is at your disposal. We will partner with you to manage your company's accounting and finance, branding and marketing, human resource management and administrative tasks. This program enables you to focus your time and energy on your core business and your customer not the back office.

PRIMUS CO-OP LITE (Chief Operating Officer Program LITE)

As a business owner, would you like access to Accountants, Marketers, Human Resource Managers etc. to ask questions, bounce off business ideas and get suggestions to improve your small business or not-for-profit organization? Then… the PRIMUS CO-OP LITE program is for you.

For $99 a month, you get access to these business professionals. Your membership includes enrollment in the PRIMUS CO-OP member referral and partnership program. As an added BONUS you also get to join other PRIMUS CO-OP members and clients at our monthly business learning sessions.

PRIMUS CO-OP LITE is the perfect first step to getting and keeping your company on the right track.



PRIMUS CO-OP A La Carte gives all the benefits of PRIMUS CO-OP but allows you to pick and choose which services you want. PRIMUS understands that some entrepreneurs may not want or need the full suite of services we offer. CO-OP A La Carte allows you the ability to select which services you manage and which services we manage on a project or on-going basis. However you choose to incorporate our team into your business model, our field experts will always provide experience and support to help you reach your goals.